Christy was there for the entire time I was in labor. She anticipated my needs, was a calming spirit to me as a first-time mother, and was a go-between for me and the medical staff. She also kept detailed records and a timeline of our birth experience, which was a joy to read later. Her expertise and thorough knowledge was unbelievably helpful, so I could fully relax and focus on the task at hand: bringing my baby to the world!

When the day finally came for us to meet our little girl for the first time, we were so thankful that Christy Lutterloh was with us to help. Many unexpected things happened to me on delivery day, but Christy’s calming knowledge and demeanor were a great comfort to me. Through a long labor, the need for an epidural (which I wanted so to avoid), the doctor’s use of suction to help our daughter progress, and finally a C-Section at the end of it all, I felt very safe and secure and surprisingly calm throughout the event. Christy worked as a liaison between the doctor and nursing staff constantly comforting and helping me. I was so grateful for Christy and her great calming help to us. It was the most remarkable and wonderful story I have lived through with the dearest blessing as a prize at the end.

As a first time father I greatly appreciated having the support we had with Christy Lutterloh at our side. She understood what we were going through for the first time because of her many experiences of helping others. Christy was very knowledgeable and kind and easy to work with. I highly recommend Christy Lutterloh to anyone in need of her services!

My first birth was very difficult because I had an early induction which resulted in lots of pain meds and an epidural. This made for a very long labor and stressful delivery with forceps. My next pregnancy I decided I did not want to go that "meds" route again so I read every book I could get my hands on about labor and birth along with having Christy as my doula. I ended up going two weeks past my due date and needed to get induced again - yikes! Christy came with me, and even though I needed to get Pitocin, Christy was able to help me make it through the next several hours coping with the labor pain using massage, guided breathing and lots of encouragement. When we got to a point where we thought intervention was needed, due to my baby's posterior position and size-- Christy suggested I get up and squat, as to move the baby. It worked! I delivered very quickly after that and he was a 9 1/2 lb healthy baby boy! NO WONDER HE WAS STUCK! My birth and delivery was SO perfect and I could not have done it without her! Thank you Christy!!!!!

I wanted to have a natural birth experience. I did not want pain meds unless absolutely necessary. Christy was exactly who I needed when I went into labor. She gave me the right amount of support and confidence. When I started to have doubts about whether or not I could stay med-free she made some suggestions on my body position, gave me just enough encouragement and helped me past my doubts. She is so knowledgeable and calm. I am so thankful to have had her by my side through the entire birth of my oldest daughter. She was so at ease and comfortable when it came to supporting me, in fact, at one point the doctor thought she was one of his nurses! I would wholeheartedly recommend Christy to walk through your birth journey with you. I will always be grateful she walked with me through mine!

When we had both of our babies you were such a blessing during our whole birthing process. Your guidance throughout was so calming, relaxing and reassuring! So glad to hear others will benefit from your services! You will be amazing!