Hi! My name is Christy and I'd love to be your support person for your upcoming birth - before, during and afterward.

I knew I wanted to help women like you during their childbirth experiences ever since my first child was born.

It was such an amazing and life-changing experience... yet the caesarian I experienced was just the opposite of what I was hoping for!

Learning more and more helped me to look back and clearly see so many ways things could have been different - if I only had the help of someone experienced to walk through the process with me.

So, I decided to start helping others through this process to achieve the most positive experience possible. Thankfully, I am now the proud mother of 5 sons (primary caesarian and 4 VBACs). Here are a few of my credentials:

  • Fulfilled all requirements for DONA International's birth doula training in 1997 with updated ICEA doula certification in 2015
  • Certified Childbirth Educator with the ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) in 1996
  • Have taught childbirth classes for the Franciscan and Multicare hospitals in the greater Tacoma area for 17 years
  • Have attended many births as a professional doula since 1991
  • Certified for three years as a doula trainer for Bates Technical College

I am supportive of home birth, water birth, birth-center as well as hospital births.

If you have additional questions about me, please check out this FAQ.